Scheduled Maintenance

Keeping You Compliant, Safe and Operational

Aircraft maintenance schedule for optimal performance and minimal downtime

At Velocity Maintenance Solutions, we offer a range of scheduled maintenance services to ensure your aircraft's optimal performance and extended lifespan. Whether you own a single aircraft or manage a fleet, our experienced aircraft mechanics schedule thorough inspections, routine servicing, and meticulous care to keep your aircraft operating at its best.

Scheduled maintenance at ILG:

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Drop-off Maintenance

Bring your aircraft to our facility for the necessary inspections, repairs, and upgrades to keep your aircraft in prime condition.

Scheduled Maintenance

Our aircraft mechanics work on scheduled maintenance solutions tailored to your requirements. 

Pre-Buy Inspections

Our expert team conducts thorough pre-buy inspections to assess the aircraft’s condition, ensuring you make an informed purchasing decision.


Reliable structural inspections and repairs, ensuring the integrity and airworthiness of your aircraft's structure. 

Paint Touch-up

Enhance the aesthetic appeal and protect your aircraft with professional paint touch-up services to maintain a polished appearance.

Weight and Balance

Ensure your aircraft's load distribution meets regulatory requirements for safe and efficient operations with our weight and balance services.

Engine & APU Troubleshooting/Replacement

Our experienced technicians specialize in engine and Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) troubleshooting and replacement, ensuring reliable performance and addressing any issues promptly.

Parts Sales

Our dedicated parts department offers high-quality aircraft parts for sale, providing reliable solutions to keep your aircraft in optimal condition.

Supported Aircraft Types

  • Challenger
  • Gulfstream
  • Hawker / Beechjet
  • King Air
  • Learjet
  • Dassault / Falcon Jet
  • Global Series
  • Embraer